African sculptural styles

Characteristic of the DRC or Central Africa style is the rough, unfinished look and grey tones and the use of additonal materials.

You can find more information on this here and here, and view some other style examples here for comparison.

By the way… this little guy hangs out in the toilet. 😉


6 thoughts on “African sculptural styles

  1. Its the empty black eye socket (its right one) and I think the angle of the shot too. You must be very pleased to find things like this in the market – things to help you remember your time in Uganda (or did you say this one was from Rwanda?) in the future. One of my grandfathers worked for the League of Nations (WHO) in the 30’s and we have quite a few things from his visits to Africa which keeps the memory of his work there (malaria research) alive in the family 80 years later.

    1. Well I can only afford the small things. I was very happy to find a little doctors model a few weeks back, I will post it with explanation in the near future. You do have to be abstemious and chose wisely because things need to be able to travel easily… I for one do not benefit from the UN relocation benefits! 😉 But I have collected a number of small but nice items from all over the world and eventually when I have a place to call home I look forward to displaying them.

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