Religion on display

Ghana is probably the most openly religious country I have been to. It seems everything is God this or the Lord that.

Oh yes, I am in Ghana for almost 3 weeks on business. My second time to the country and the place and people are very nice… though it is HOT and HUMID! I know most of you guys in Europe are freezing and I had a though for you when I felt like I was in a sauna in a gentleman’s office today.


2 thoughts on “Religion on display

  1. Yes, but as much as everything is God this and God that, lean in closely, ask some questions and you”ll also hear the craziest witchcraft stories from these same Christians. At least that’s my experience with Ghana/Ghanaians. (…And I hope this comment doesn’t offend anyone. It wasn’t meant offensively–just sharing my experience!).

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