Happy Birthday!

Yes… the blog is 1 year old!

Thank you so much for all the support, the comments (though I haven’t been good at responding I have been excited by the ones I have been getting), the feedback and generally just being there so I’m not just talking to myself. 😉

Why did I chose this picture? Well, because for me it’s all about the people, the places and everyday life. This is a good representation of what its like to walk around at a muzungu carrying a big camera. You get incredulity, you get curiosity, you get shyness… but very rarely do you get hostility. Best of all, just you get people as they are, open, friendly and being themselves.

These are two young guy in the meat section of the City Market in Nairobi. The one on the right was very curious but got shy once the camera was pointed at him. The other guy was just laughing at the whole episode and enjoying the out of the ordinary event. There is a perception that a camera removes you from what you are capturing but I think an image like this demonstrates how strong a link there is between photographer and subject… precious and fleeting moments that are rarely reflected in the photos themselves.

Here is to another year of photos… from Uganda!


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