Kyangwali Episode 5: Second Night

Weary, I got back to the center. As I had promised, I took pictures of B and his group, both for Educate! but also for them. They really got into the picture session and enjoyed themselves posing for the camera. Then, with children in tow, I went to the nearby field to watch the Kyangwali Soccer Team practice.

They are going to play in Hoima soon, in the regional league, which is definitely positive. They play well and obviously enjoy the activity while taking it seriously. I sat on the grass surrounded by a group of playful urchins who crawled in and out of my lap and tried to improve on that morning’s hair braiding effort. The sun, a big red ball, was slowly setting and it felt quite contented.

Then, a commotion at the other end of the field. A man waving his hands around came running through, followed by men supporting what could only be a very primitive stretcher. The game stopped and they rushed by, the figure on the stretcher not visible under a colorfully printed piece of fabric. B later told me that this was the camp’s ambulance. It’s a grim relay to the clinic at the entrance to the camp where future action will be determined. Men who do not offer their services to help in the relay are fined. What happens if you are a good 2 hours hike from the entrance, as I had been earlier in the day, and an accident occurs? The game resumed and, as I had seen in the father who had just lost his child, there was a general lack of emotion demonstrated by any of the people involved.

I took another hot bowl bath that night and helped peel onion for diner, a very nice tomato based meat dish served with rice and cabbage. On every occasion I was given a huge portion I was unable to finish, which somewhat offended the cook. As night set and darkness gathered a generator was produced and, after a certain amount of manipulations, the television came on. Men, and a few women, from the community gathered. What did we watch? Spain versus Germany of course!

(these are the children at the COBURWAS orphanage during morning warm-up)


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