Last week, I decided it was time to get myself acquainted with Kampala. I wandered around the center of town and then ended up in Owino market. It’s one of the biggest in East Africa and has thousands of stalls selling a crazy variety of stuff.

I went with the camera and decided to take it out and see what happened. I started asking and most people were very gracious. Some said no more or less vehemently and one person told me to leave Africa and go back home. Mostly they asked for money but relented once I explained I would not profit from the pictures and that they were to share with people on my blog. A lot of them wanted a copy of their picture and if I can find a cheap way of doing that I will make it happen. A few actually summoned me over to have their pictures taken and got a kick out of seeing themselves on the small screen, calling the neighboring stall holders over to admire the result.

This was a radio stall and I couldn’t resist capturing the little guy hanging out at the bottom.


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