Paper beads

I went to visit one of Educate!’s projects last Friday, a young lady has initiated a group of women from her community to start making paper bead jewelery as a source of income. The group also provides training on various topics for the group members.

I am currently taking pictures for a book/ manual to be published by Educate! outlining the steps to creating a successful CBO – Community Based Organization – which is what all of the participants in our program are expected to do. There are a few examples of CBOs and I am going around taking pictures of the leaders, founders and projects for the book.

There is a profile on the paper beads project so I got to go and visit and I had a great afternoon hanging out with these women and taking pictures of them and their product. It was quite interesting as they didn’t speak any English so everything had to be translated. But I think there are some things that transcend speech and by the end they were coming up to me asking to have their picture taken, instead of being shy and embarrassed as they had been to start off with.

This is am example of some of the beads they make.


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